Grease Reviews

Hannah "Zazz" Zazzaro will steam your spectacles and break your heart as Betty Rizzo ~ FlipSide PA

"Taking on the scandalously independent role of “Rizzo” is Hannah Zazzaro, a gifted vocalist who finds no difficulty soaring into spine tingling, resonant upper belts in “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”, a song that ultimately conveys the tender and vulnerable identity of the promiscuous Pink Lady. A refreshing moment of superiority, Zazzaro provides audiences with the most memorable solo vocal of the occasion..." ~Benjamin Dennis~ Shippensburg News-Chronicle

Peter Pan Reviews

Truth is always what we’re looking for in any art form, and Zazzaro gave the show a fascinating example of it. Read more ~Peter Filichia    

Hannah Zazzaro had the mighty task of bringing the iconic character of Peter Pan to life — a task that she pulled off exceptionally well. Zazzaro’s first moment on the stage...easily captured the audience’s attention. Zazzaro showcased great acting skills and even more impressive vocals. Her vibrato was beautiful and her large range was displayed throughout the show through low notes to high soprano. ~The News Record

As Peter, Hannah Zazzaro is a knockout of a singer, operating at a vocal level far beyond the rest of the cast. ~Cincinnati Enquirer

Peter was portrayed by Hannah Zazzaro, who captivated the audience with the proper amount of braggadocio and charm while still hinting at the inherent loneliness of the character. ~League of Cincinnati Theaters

Zazzaro is cool as a cucumber, laid back, breezy – and is arguably the best vocalist in the musical theatre program at CCM. I’d imagine that Pan has never been sung this well. ~The Sappy Critic

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