Nat Zegree: Who Needs Music?

Hannah will join NATALIE WEISS and NAT ZEGREE in “Who Needs Music?”

Nat returns to the Beechman with a brand new show unlike anything you’ve seen before! Nat will dazzle the audience without a single note of music in front of him as he performs the vast library of music that he’s learned by ear; from pop to classical, film scores to jingles. That’s right– NO MUSIC.

Your jaw will drop as he dances from genre to genre and just to make sure he doesn’t get off easy, try to stump him in a slew of party games that will amaze and engage– and you might even win a prize, if the audience get’s lucky.

He’ll also debut new songs of his own and that he’s written with Eric Holmes. This is a party that is not to be missed, a night you will never forget, guaranteed.

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